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One Reason Why A Measuring Tape Can Simplify Your Move

One Reason Why a Measuring Tape Can Simplify Your Move

When you look up moving tips and advice online, it’€™s easy to find tips like “label boxes”€ and “€œuse lots of packing tape.”€

But these tips are easy and obvious. Today, we’€™re going to explain why a measuring tape may be the best tool you could ever use for your move.

You Can Measure Doorways Before Moving Larger Items

Whether you’€™ve got a couch, piano, or bookshelf, a measuring tape lets you measure doorways in your new home. Will that piece of furniture fit in your new home? Measure the doorway and measure your piece of furniture.

This can save you endless hassle on moving day. Instead of trying to jam a huge object through a doorway that’€™s too small, you can know when you should just give up.

You also avoid damaging your new home. Too many people just assume furniture will always fit through every doorway. This attitude can leave holes in your wall and cause a big frustration for movers – and yourself.

You Can Measure your New Home to See if Existing Furniture Will Fit

Measuring tape lets you do more than just measure doorways. Sometimes, your furniture might fit through a doorway, but once it’€™s through the doorway, you realize it doesn’€™t fit in the room.

If possible, measure your new home before you move in. Measure all your old furniture -€“ like your couches, tablets, beds, etc.

Then, see if you have reasonable space for that furniture at your new home. You don’€™t want to move a king-sized bed frame across the country only to realize you can’€™t walk around both edges of the bed in your new room.

If an item doesn’€™t fit, then that’€™s all right. You get to avoid moving that item in the first place. That means more room in the moving truck and less money spent on moving things.

As an added bonus, you get to sell your old piece of furniture -€“ or at least donate it (and get a tax refund).

The next time you move, don’€™t forget to bring measuring tape. Measure doorways. Measure big furniture. Measure rooms. And take full notes of all the measurements you’€™ve made. Some people find it helps to use a top-down diagram of their house. That way, you can easily indicate which doorways have which measurements and which rooms will fit different pieces of furniture.

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