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Why You Need A Moving Budget

Why You Need a Moving Budget

A wise man once said that if you fail to prepare, then you should prepare to fail. This is very true of many things in life, and especially when it comes to planning how much money you’€™ll need to relocate to a different city or state.

The costs involved can quickly spiral out of control, leaving you to make cuts to your relocation budgets that you can’t afford or leaving you without enough money to get yourself set up properly in your new home.

General Expenses

There are certain costs that are unavoidable, regardless of whether you’re going to drive yourself to a new home or if you hire a moving company. The first of these are the boxes and packing tape you’ll need to purchase to temporarily store your belongings. While these aren’t expensive, the costs can quickly mount if you have a lot of personal items to pack. You can cut down on this cost by asking friends or family if they have packing boxes they’re no longer using.

You will also need to pay the deposits required for you to move into your new home, usually including your first and last month’s rent. If you’ve purchased a new home in another city or state, you should allow for unexpected delays in moving in. Sellers change their minds all the time, leaving you staying in a hotel for several days or possibly weeks.

You should also budget several hundred dollars for cosmetic repairs such as buying new light bulbs, fixing broken door or window locks, and having the floors or carpets cleaned.

HouseLogic created a list of changes you should consider when you move into your new home.

Finally, there’s the money required for having the light, heat and Internet switched on in your new home before you get there. After all, who wants to spend days sitting in a dark, cold apartment reading your tablet by candlelight?

Self Movers

If you’re an industrious type and planning a self-move, then you need to budget for the cost of renting a truck while obtaining insurance for your belongings before leaving your home. While the van rental and insurance might not be expensive upfront, you do need to factor in how much gas you’ll need, a food budget to cover your entire journey, and then hotel accommodations for the nights you’re unable to sleep in the van.

You also need to allow for breakdowns or delays by adding an extra 10 percent to your overall relocation budget.

Plan for a loss of earnings during the moving process. We know, that sounds awful, but you won’t be able to work while you move. We just want you to be aware! You should have at least one entire paycheck put aside to cover that aspect of your relocation.

Moving Companies

A professional moving company can make relocating a breeze, but you should be aware that not all moving companies are created equal. Most first-time movers will base their choice of moving company purely on whoever gives them the lowest quote without reading any of the small print in their contract or agreement. The initial offer might seem too good to be true, but when they realize the true total, they instantly regret their decision.

The reputation of the company you select is also very important because they will be moving everything you own several hundred miles to your new home. This means there’s the risk for damage or “loss”€™ to your personal belongings.

As you can see, the cheapest option is rarely the best one, usually costing you several thousand dollars more than hiring a professional moving company in the first place.

Consider these tips before you choose a moving company.

At Lambert Relocation we treat your personal belongings and household items as if they were our own. We make your relocation to Hunstville a pleasure, thanks to our years of experience as a moving service provider.

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