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Moving To Huntsville, AL? Here’s An Overview Of The Area

Moving to Huntsville, AL? Here’s an Overview of the Area

Huntsville, AL is one of the most desirable cities in the southeastern United States. In fact, our city was recently chosen as one of the top 30 best 100 places in which to live in America.

Are you thinking of moving to Huntsville, AL? Here are some of the facts, figures, and info you need to know about your potential new home:

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Stats and Figures:

huntsville alPopulation: 440,200 according to Forbes, although Wikipedia lowers that number to 186,254 based on the population within the metro area (the 2010 census tallied a total of 180,105 citizens).

Major Industries: Aerospace and defense, technology

Median Household Income: $53,157 (the US average is $51,939)

Median Home Price: $140,300

Unemployment Rate: 6%

Cost of Living: 4.5% below national average

Job Growth Rate: 1.5%

College Attainment Rate: 36.9%

High School Attainment Rate: 89.3%

Graduate Degree Attainment: 13%

Net Migration: +1,100 (2013)

Average Commute: 22 minutes

Average Number of Days Above 90 Degrees Fahrenheit: 38 (US national average is 37)

Average Number of Days Below 32 Degrees Fahrenheit: 65 (US national average is 88)

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General Overview:

Huntsville is named “€œThe Rocket City”€ for good reason: it has a long history of working with U.S. space missions. Today, the nation’€™s top rocket propulsion research labs continue to be based on Huntsville. Aerospace and defense contractors are some of the largest employers in the region, making Huntsville the tech capital of the southeastern United States.

The city is also home to Alabama A&M University, Oakwood University, and the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Forbes List Rankings:

-#90 best city for business and careers in America

-#158 in cost of doing business

-#81 in job growth

-#28 in education

You can view these Forbes list rankings here.

A Brief History of Huntsville:

Huntsville was first settled by the Chickasaw Native American people around the year 1,300. However, by the time Revolutionary War hero John Hunt arrived in the area in 1805, most of the Native Americans had disappeared.

Our town wasn’€™t always called Huntsville: it was first called Twickenham as a nod to British poet Alexander Pope, who lived in a town called Twickenham.

That name didn’€™t last long: anti-British sentiment was strong during this period, so town residents eventually chose to rename the city Huntsville after John Hunt.

By 1811, Huntsville was the first incorporated town in Alabama. Today, Huntsville residents officially recognize the town’€™s birth year as 1805, which is when John Hunt arrived in the area.

Huntsville Events and Festivals:

pizza-562105_640Some of the notable festivals and events taking place in Huntsville every year include:

-Annual International Festival of North Alabama: Celebrates cultures from around the world and includes a wide variety of international food vendors.

-Panoply Arts Festival: Held on the last full weekend of each April since 1982, this festival features performance arts groups from across Alabama and around the world.

-Rocket City Brewfest: This festival highlights some of the city’€™s craft beer makers and is held on the weekend before Mother’€™s Day each May.

-Con*Stellation: The official name of this festival is Con†Stellation. It’€™s a sci-fi convention held every October. Although the event was canceled in 2014, it’€™s scheduled to return in 2015.

-Russian Spring Festival: The Maslenitsa Russian/East-European Spring Festival recognizes Alabama’€™s eastern European and Slavic ethnography with foods, cultural presentations, and more.

The best way to move to Huntsville is with the help of a Huntsville moving service. Whether you’€™re moving across the city or across state lines, a professional moving company is always a cost-effective decision.

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