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moving in HuntsvilleCreate A Budget First:

Save yourself a lot of stress by setting a budget for your move to or from the Huntsville area. If you set a budget, determine all of your moving costs, then you will be aware of what you need to spend and you’€™ll be less surprised when you have to start spending the money.

The greatest shock comes when you didn’€™t budget and you have unexpected costs. Go ahead and give yourself a bit of breathing room and your move will less stressful.

What should you budget for?

  • Supplies -€“ boxes, tape, wrap, blankets, crates, etc.
  • Movers – professional or paying some friends to help
  • Transportation -€“ if you’€™re moving professionally this is included, but if you move on your own, factor in the cost of renting a truck
  • Gas – if you rent a truck, factor in the cost of gas. Also, budget for gas for your personal vehicles.
  • Food – you need food for energy throughout the moving process, so don’€™t forget about food costs
  • Hotel -€“ if you’€™re moving a long distance, you might need a hotel
  • Startup deposits -€“ sometimes you have provide deposits for a rental home/apartment, utilities, or any other possible services
  • Repairs -€“ you may realize some much needed repairs at your new location
  • Missing work -€“ as you’€™re moving, you may not get compensated for the time off so take this into consideration

Go ahead and start saving for your move in Huntsville. The quicker you put money back, the easier it will be to not worry about it and have the amount you need when the time comes.

You can put more money back by considering the pieces of furniture, house goods and clothes you longer need. You can have a garage sale or put the items on resale websites, such as Craigslist.

Another way to prepare for the financial aspect is to get a Free estimate of your move. We provide free estimates of all moves here in Huntsville, whether you’€™re moving in or out.

Huntsville moversHow To Pack with Less Stress:

>Assemble an Overnight Bag:

One of the best ways to prepare for your next move is to prepare an overnight bag. Grab the most essential items you need and pack them into a bag you can carry with you over the course of a few days, just in case anything happens during the move and you’€™re separated from all of your stuff.

Remember to grab your electronics, such as your smartphone, laptop, tablet and anything else you need to keep working on the go (and don’€™t forget your chargers).

>Color Code or Label All Boxes:

Surely you want to make this move as easy as possible, right? Make it even easier by color coding or labeling all of your boxes before they are loaded up. The last thing you want is to unload and forget where everything goes. As you prepare your boxes, grab some colored tape, stickers or a sharpie and get to organizing.

>Start Small with Your Packing:

If you look at everything and become overwhelmed by how much you have to pack, you won’€™t get started. Instead, think about packing one room at a time, and even one area of a room at a time. Pick a place to start and get that entire room packed. Take a break and congratulate yourself on what you accomplished. Do this over and over, knocking out a few bits at a time and soon you will be finished and not stressed.

>Prepare Your Frig:

Many people wait till the last minute to clear out their fridge and then defrost it. Why? Because you’€™re busy with everything else and you don’€™t see the inside of your fridge unless you open the doors and intentionally look inside.

Before you move to Huntsville or any other nearby area, prepare your fridge by tossing anything you don’€™t need and packing a cooler with everything you can keep during the move.

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