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Movers: Those Big Men You Trust to Carry Your Delicate China

Something that always comes with the moving company are the movers. These are the people you are trusting to carry everything from silverware to your big screen t.v. While it can be intimidating trusting complete strangers to carry furniture you have had for years, our movers have gone through extensive background checks and will treat your stuff like their own. While some people may not realize it, there is certain etiquette to treating your movers (from

  Great Tips for Working with Movers Below!

1) Provide the essentials. Consider the crew’s needs and comfort: offer access to drinking water, designate a bathroom for their use, and keep hand sanitizer available..

2) Meet and greet. Take time to meet your movers and make them feel welcome. Always have one responsible adult available throughout the move to answer questions.

3) Keep kids and pets busy. Make arrangements to keep small children and pets occupied so they don’t get in the way. If possible, have them stay with friends or relatives at the time of the move.

4) It’s food for thought. Most crews greatly appreciate coffee in the morning and the offer to pick up a fast lunch, since it’s time-consuming to close up the truck and cumbersome to maneuver a tractor-trailer around a typical downtown area.

5) Keep the temperature in check. If moving during very hot or cold weather, consider providing fans or space heaters, as exterior doors will likely be left open.

6) Provide feedback. If you’re pleased with your crew, send a nice letter to the carrier as all drivers are ranked by quality scores and comments by customers.

 Our Movers Will Treat You Right, We Guarantee it!

We hope to provide the best possible movers for you and your family. Our movers have had extensive training on how to handle a variety of objects. One customer even said, “They met the challenges with the maneuvering of furniture around obstacles (trees and brickwork) without anything or anyone getting hurt. They treated my things like they were theirs!” Let us help you with your next national move and move everything for you.

Not all moving companies in Huntsville Alabama have top rated movers!

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