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How To Move To And From Huntsville Safely With A Pet

How to Move To And From Huntsville Safely With a Pet

Portrait of a young woman hugging her dogYour pets are part of your family. If you want to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible, then you need to make sure your entire family stays happy.

Find out how to safely transport cats and dogs in your car today:

Schedule a Vet Appointment

The first thing you should do once you’€™re ready to move is to schedule a vet appointment. Talk to your vet and ask if your pet has any conditions that might become worse during the move, or if there’€™s any specific recommendations the vet might have for the move.

You should also ask if your pets are due for shots, or if they should get shots now.

Some vets may also recommend a sedative for pets. Sedatives can help your dog or cat stay comfortable on long road trips or plane rides. This can be particularly important for hyperactive pets or pets that are easily scared. Most pet-friendly sedatives are mild and won’€™t knock your pet unconscious, but they will “€œtake the edge off.”€

Get copies of your vet records and vaccination certificates from your vet, if possible. Pick up any prescription refills your pet might need -€“ you don’€™t know how long it might take to get those refills in your new city.

Finally, ask the vet if they have a recommendation for a vet in Huntsville or the city you’re moving to.

Pack Emergency Pet Food

One of the best tips for moving is to have an emergency pack with all of the things you need to survive 1-3 nights, like a toothbrush, snacks, water, contact lens cases, etc.

Make an emergency kit for your pet, too. That kit should include pet food, water, toys, and anything else your pet needs to stay comfortable on a long road trip.

You don’t want to get to Huntsville or any other location only to realize you can’€™t find the pet food and have to drive around town looking for an open pet store.

Make Sure Your New Home Accepts Pets

If you’€™re renting a home or apartment, then you need to make sure it’€™s a pet-friendly accommodation. Otherwise, you’€™re either going to have to find a new place or hide your pet from your landlord for the duration of your stay.

Make Sure Your New Home is Pet-Friendly

Even if you’€™re not renting, you should still make sure your new home is pet-safe and pet-friendly. There may be hidden hazards that could hurt your pet, including:

-A dangerous backyard

-Unfenced yard

-Exposed, unfinished areas of the home

-Lack of space

You might need to buy a barrier that prevents your pet from accessing certain areas of the home, or you might need to build a more secure fence.

Talk to Your Airline

If you’€™re flying to Huntsville or another area, make sure to check with your airline€™s pet policy. Some small cats and dogs can fly in the cabin with you, although most medium and larger breeds will have to fly in the cargo area.

Flying in the cargo hold can be stressful and dangerous for your pets. However, airlines use temperature-controlled, pressurized cargo holds to transport your pets -€“ so your pet should be perfectly fine down there.

Weeks before you fly, make sure you understand the carrier requirements. What are the maximum dimensions for pet carriers? Can you leave food and water for the pet?

Different airlines have different track records for transporting pets. Ideally, you’€™ll choose an airline that has a perfect track record and takes extra precautions when caring for pets.

Strategically Plan your Driving Route

If you’€™re working with a professional moving company -€“ like our moving company in Huntsville AL -€“ then you probably already have the best route planned.

But if you’€™re moving on your own, then you might have multiple route options available. When planning your driving route for pets, you have to consider a few extra things, like:

-Stay at hotels that have a generous pet policy

-Make sure your driving route has good spots to stop every few hours where you can let the pet take a break

-Stop at places where you can take your dog for long walks and pay them the attention they need after a stressful moving day

If you can do all of these things, then moving with a pet should be a piece of cake!




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