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Four Awesome Bike Paths In Huntsville

Four Awesome Bike Paths in Huntsville

9225475152_6f23342e57_oThe city of Huntsville understands just how important it is for its residents to get out there and enjoy all that nature has to offer. This is exactly why the city has so many greenways, with trails to suit every taste.

Instead of allowing your kids to spend yet another weekend glued to their game console of choice, why not take the whole family out for an adventure on your bikes?

Your kids might grumble at first, but nothing is more exciting than a bike ride on a sunny day or even a chilly day if you’re well wrapped up.

Big Cove Creek Greenway

Fans of off-road, downhill riding will find this bike trail very sedate, but anyone looking to enjoy beautiful scenery, wildlife in its most natural state, and an enjoyable bike ride will love every minute spent here. The trail itself is paved and can be very busy during the summer, but there is plenty of space here for cyclists of all ages.

Big Cove Creek (as the name suggests) runs the entire length of the Big Cove Creek bike trail. This trail also connects with other nearby greenways, including Hays Nature Preserve, where you can enjoy several more miles of biking through wooded areas.

Most of the scenery along this bike trail is breathtaking, and it’s only when you take your first ride here that you’ll understand why it’s so popular with locals. For more information on the park, visit HERE.

Indian Creek Greenway

There are plans to extend this bike trail to a total of six miles, but for right now, you get to enjoy the 3.6 miles on offer. The trail begins at Providence Elementary School and ends at Madison Pike, but you can take a break at Creekwood Park on along the way – there’s a great playground there for your kids to use up some of that excess energy on.

Madison Dog Park is located just north of Creekwood Park, so if your canine buddy has come along for the ride, you can treat them to time in the park, too.

Indian Creek Greenway is a very popular trail with parents and kids alike, especially because the surface is paved and the entire trail is well-maintained. Another reason for its popularity is that everyone who uses the greenway is friendly, so joggers, cyclists and walkers exist in peace with each other.

Little Cove Road Greenway

This is one of the interconnected greenways in Hunstville, connecting with Big Cove Creek Greenway. Although Little Cove Road might sound like a shorter ride than the Big Cove Creek Trail, it’s actually 2 miles longer at just over 5 miles long.

The beauty of this particular bike trail is that you can take a number of routes from it, exploring much of the surrounding area in a single ride.

Golf fans might be interested to know that you pass by Hampton Cove Golf Course on your journey, adding to the beautiful surroundings, including a number of lakes.

Please bear in mind that the trail has very little shelter, so if you’re planning to ride along it on a hot day, please make sure you stay hydrated and stay out of the sun at noon. Little Cove can’t rival Big Cove Creek greenway for scenery, but it’s still a great trail for you and your family to spend time exploring.

Redstone Arsenal Fitness Trail

As the name suggests, this fitness trail is actually located on a U.S. army base, so access to it can be restricted depending on potential threats to national security. The trail was resurfaced in 2010, so you can expect a smooth ride all the way.

There are some pretty steep climbs and descents along this trail, so it’s not suited to anyone who might struggle with steep gradients. Some parts of the trail are quite narrow, so it’s not always suitable for novice cyclists.

There are two separate playgrounds for your kids to enjoy, and you have access to drinking water at three different points along the trail.

You must be permitted on Redstone Arsenal Base before you can access this trail – if in doubt please call the visitors center at (256) 876-1122 or click HERE for a detailed description.


These greenways are just a small sampling of what Huntsville has to offer. The residents already enjoy them, and your family can to if you decide to move to Huntsville.

If you’re considering relocating to Huntsville, please feel free to call us today at 256-428-7470 for a no-obligations quote.


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